As featured on the BBC, LA Times, Huffington Post, KCET, & more, Fashion Fighting Famine (FFF) is the largest fashion show for Muslim designers in the U.S.

Are you a #fashiondesigner (or do you aspire to be one)? #FashionFightingFamine is teaming up with #designer #SumiyyahRasheed of #AnnNahari (as showcased in #NYFW) to bring you a day-long business seminar this fall!

Topics will include developing a #businessplan, how to source materials and factories, determining product costs, and advanced subjects including #tradeshows and #fashionshows.

If you are interested in this seminar, please email fashionfightingfamine@gmail.com with the subject “Design Seminar” and we will keep you informed with updates an registration information.

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